Ever tell yourself “If I knew then what I know now I’d do things so much differently?” Well, that rings true for the dating scene. Like any important life lesson, you learn as you go with dating. I mean, what you thought about relationships when you were in high school are likely totally different than what you think about them now. People change. Priorities change. Attitudes change. But along the way you learn and you grow, realizing that things that mattered in your teens don’t really matter anymore. Below are some of the tips you likely are learning or have learned now that you are dating in your twenties.Dating Tips You Learn in Your Twenties

1. Gaming

When you reach your 20s, you realize that playing “relationship” games isn’t really the most effective way to win someone’s affection. You have learned that being open and honest is the way to go. Waiting to see who can go the longest to text back or pretending you aren’t interested in someone when you really are, seem to be games that you don’t have the energy to play anymore.Gaming