Women spend countless hours looking for the perfect makeup tool to help them look better. We buy into all the television ads telling us that if we buy that one special product we will be on our way to being more attractive and youthful. But in reality, none of these products will do what we want them to do in the end – make us feel better. We all know that in order to get this true feeling we have to be happy with the way we are. And that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. After all, many men will tell you that they would rather a natural-looking girl over a girl who has piled on the makeup. So before you head to the cosmetic counter and waste your time and money on products that won’t work, consider these reasons why going makeup free is better.  makeup free

1. Budget

Cosmetics are one of the most marked up items in retail. It’s easy to get carried away in the makeup aisle and spend loads of cash on things you don’t really need. So keep your money in your pocket and save it for a girls night out!