Summer is here and that means a lot of outdoor barbecues, patio drinks and, well, just a lot of fun! But summer indulgences come with some unhealthy choices and that means our bodies may be left feeling sluggish and tired. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to detox your body after some fun nights out, helping you remove toxins and make your body feel healthy and nutrient full. If you don’t detoxify, the impurities you put into your body won’t be properly filtered, leaving every cell in the body affected. In fact, it’s suggested that everyone detox at least once a year. So, to make sure you enjoy your summer in the most healthy way, check out these quick and simple ways to detox. Simple and Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

1. Meal Out, Smoothie In

When it comes to naturally detoxing your body, it’s a good idea to replace one meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie that will ensure your body gets rid of any impurities it doesn’t need. You will notice right away that you have more energy and just feel better in your own body. A green smoothie is a great alternative to any meal and is easy to make. Just mix 1 cup of kale with 1 green apple, 1 ripe banana and 1/2 cup of loosely packed fresh parsley leaves. Blend them in a blender until smooth.Meal Out, Smoothie In