All great athletes know the benefits of stretching to optimize athletic performance; however this crucial practice can sometimes be forgotten or neglected in the average workout regimen. If you are working towards some specific workout goals for weightlifting or sports consider adding a stretching routine for before or after your workout (depending on whose professional opinions you adhere to) to increase your range of movement. If nothing else, stretching can be great to reduce your incidence of injury. Do not worry about your current level of flexibility as the goal of stretching is to improve upon your current range of motion. Watch your progress and be amazed once you consistently add stretching to your fitness repertoire.

1. Lunges

Target your entire lower body with lunges. They work calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and abdominals. Ensure your knee does not extend in front of your feet for proper posture and keep your back neutral to work the correct muscle groups. A favourite stretch for runners and weigh-lifters for good reason, this multi-tasking stretch with keep your physique balanced.Lunges