So you’re looking for that perfect girl? You tell yourself you’ve tried everything but yet you end up sitting alone on a Saturday night with your mother watching America’s Funniest Videos.

Well it’s time to shape up gentlemen. Because chances are, you are doing something wrong. Here is a list to show you what you’re doing wrong and, hopefully, land you that one special gal.

 1. Too Sexy For My Shirt

too sexy for my shirt

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Women love men who are confident and comfortable with their bodies. But when a guy spends more time in the gym than with you it’s a problem. Here’s a hint guys – most women aren’t into guys who are obsessed with their muscles and who buy X-small T-shirts just to show them off. When you are obsessed with your looks and your body it can make women feel insecure about their own bodies and will make them think looking good is the only thing you care about.

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