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Lots of articles have been written on what to do before a workout, but now it’s time to consider what NOT to do before you hit the gym. Many of us think we have it all figured out and are doing everything right. But, chances are, your daily routine is affecting your performance at the gym without you even knowing it. What you wear, what you eat and how you sleep – all could be hindering your workout sessions and be counterproductive to your results. Here are some tips of what NOT to do to ensure you get the best out of your workouts.


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If you don’t want to fall over during your Body Pump class or embarrass yourself by singing out loud to your Justin Bieber playlist, it’s suggested you avoid drinking before a workout. Drinking can make you feel drowsy and will leave you dehydrated during exercise. It can also narrow your blood vessels, lower your blood sugar levels and impair your motor function.