We all want these beautiful, toned lower abs. But trust me, they are not easy to get. That’s because fat in that area is the last to go – and the first to come back when you take a break from your healthy diet and workout routine. And no matter how many crunches, pulse ups and pikes you do, if there is fat, you will not see your lower abs at all. However, there is a little hope for all of us thanks to the tips below. If you follow these exercises, you will be on your way to uncovering those lower abs in no time, giving you that perfect stomach to show off this summer.

1. Ab Pulse Ups

To do this exercise simply lie on your back, place your hands under your butt and tighten your core. Contract your lower abs and raise your legs until they’re 100 per cent vertical. Squeeze your butt and lower abs while using your hips to push your legs upwards. Hold for .5 seconds and then slowly lower yourself down, allowing your butt to briefly touch the floor. Do for 15 reps. Ab pulse ups