You’ve finally found time to hit the gym and get away from the office for an hour. Some people think that an hour is a waste of time. I mean by the time you get changed, workout and shower, your hour is up before you even get a chance to sweat. So, you tell yourself, what’s the point? But don’t give up on that workout just yet. We’ve found some good tips on making that hour count for you. All you need is some good concentration and dedication and that 60 minutes will give you all the same benefits as a longer workout session.10 ways

1. Make Time Count

If you have an hour, don’t waste a minute of it. Arrive to your class on time so you can get your warmup in, which will help you go deeper into your squats or faster on your runs. Try and stay for some stretching after your workout so your muscles get a chance to relax and unwind.Make time count