Major life events, both pleasant and unpleasant, can be stressful. While productive stress leads to great accomplishments, unproductive stress causes sleepless night and tension in relationships. If left unmanaged, it can even lead to depression; we discuss some signs you may have depression and provide some guidance to help.



Signs you may have depression can vary greatly – as can the cause of depression itself

Depression varies with race, religion, gender and age, but anyone can develop it. Race and gender can play a role as widespread biases and mistreatment trigger deep anger and frustration. Age and health play a role when physical limits end dreams and the ensuing disappointment turns inward. Because anyone can develop it, you should know the signs you may have depression.


Feelings of Unexplained Sadness

It’s healthy to feel sadness when there’s a reason, but grief comes in waves. Depression digs deep and is constant, throttling your self-esteem. It creates sadness that does not ease and is not intermixed with pleasant memories. This characteristic makes doctors and researchers think that a specific brain chemical, serotonin, is the key to this devastating mood disorder. Doctors consider this free-floating sadness one of the signs you may have depression if it occurs daily and lasts for two weeks.

Feelings of unexplained sadness


Excessive Ruminating

You’ve heard of rumination in cattle, but this slow ‘re-chewing’ of insignificant failures is one of the noticeable signs you may have depression. Depressed people often let past events or failures haunt their thoughts, even though these moments are of little or no consequence. Some brooding is normal as it helps you plan or avoid repeating unpleasant experiences. However, it’s wise to seek help if contemplating past events interferes with your relationships, saps energy from other activities, or intensifies.

Excessive Ruminating