We all remember our youth those crazy days when we didn’t have many cares in the world. The days when all we had to do was worry about studying early enough so we could hit the bars with our friends for a night we wouldn’t remember. Ah, those were the days. Or were they? Do you look back on your college days and think, “Wow, that was fun but man, I’m so much better off now.” That’s because you likely are. And there are signs in your everyday life that remind you of that. Read below to find out why you are much better off today than you were in your 20s. 15 Signs Your'e Doing Better in Life Than You Think You Are in Your 20s

1. Rent Money Worries

Remember the days when you could only afford to splurge on dinner out after you set aside your rent money? More than likely, a day of shopping or buying a new outfit were not even an option for you. Well, today you likely have a decent job that allows you to splurge when you feel the need to. You can go out with friends for a classy dinner, instead of settling for a Big Mac and fries. And you can do it without worrying at all about having to pay for a roof over your head. Rent money worries