Cancer is a serious illness and a leading cause of death in many countries. Research has lead to breakthroughs in both cancer treatment and detection, but you’re also an early detection method yourself. Since you know your body best and will be aware of any changes as soon as they happen, you are a prime resource in the fight against this disease. Check out the following 20 common cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore so you know when to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Common Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Lumps in the Breast

Each and every month you should do your self breast exam. The idea is not to look for lumps so much as to feel for changes. The tissue feels firmer, there is a pea or marble that wasn’t there before. Your breasts suddenly have ripples in the fatty part. Don’t ignore it—see your doctor immediately.Lumps in the Breast are Common Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


Every month, women bloat. Our bodies get full and we ache. Women are so used to the monthly ritual that we pay little attention to changes in that cycle. Bloating that lasts longer, is stronger or painful are common cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. Bloating when you don’t normally have bloating should be checked.Bloating