While we all try to hit up the gym to stay active there are lots of ways to burn calories while doing ordinary tasks. Sometimes just increasing your activity level at home and sitting a little less can make the difference with how you feel. So get up and get busy doing the following everyday tasks and burn 100 calories at a time to increase your fitness level.

During the approximate times, you can burn 100 calories while doing the following activities:


1. Dancing

Spending just 20 minutes dancing will easily burn 100 calories. So put on your favourite playlist and have some fun dancing like no one is watching.

Dancing is one of the easiest Everyday Activities that can Burn 100 Calories

2. Walking the dog

While your pooch enjoys their daily walks, you will love to know that it helps you to burn 100 calories when your walk is at least 26 minutes in length. Take care of your dog and yourself and make sure to both get your exercise.

Walking the dog