Every year there is a new way to get fit. It makes sense that people look to change up their routines and that new trends emerge because your fitness results can easily plateau if you do not mix up the schedule and type of fitness activities you do. It is also incredibly easy to lose your motivation if you lose interest in the fitness classes you take, so the fitness industry does its best to vary classes and make new ones even more fun and exciting than the current ones you may be taking. So suit up and head to your nearest gym to try these invigorating and challenging classes as you will be bound to find something that you love.

1. Rowing

Rowing classes are becoming widely popular. Stationary rowing machines are used in a class setting, just like a spin-fit class. Rowing has grown in popularity as it will help you burn more than 50 per cent more calories than your standard elliptical workout and helps to strengthen muscles from shoulders to calves.Rowing