So you are doing all the right things: eating right, sleeping an adequate amount every night, exercising. Despite all of your efforts however, you wonder why you feel sore and run-down? Your posture could be to blame for not feeling your best. Slight adjustments to your posture can improve your energy, circulation and eliminate those little aches and pains. The other benefit of good posture is increased levels of confidence and feelings of well-being. Posture is all about being conscious and in tune with your body and with a little self-awareness improvements to posture can develop over time.

1. Sit taller

Visualize a string pulling you up from top of head and find a little extra height. All you need to do is consciously think about sitting a little taller and you will find the height. The body when it relaxes, especially when you are sitting, has a tendency to slouch.Sit taller