It’s still a mystery why those extra pounds around your waist are called love handles. I mean, who actually loves them? Despite their loving name, we want to get rid of them. But that extra fat on the sides of your torso is not easy to lose. However, according to fitness experts like trainer Kira Stokes, it can be done, especially with exercises that see you reaching to the side to work your obliques. And when you incorporate ones that also hit your upper and lower abs, you will be able to more effectively sculpt and slim the entire middle section. Below are some of the best ways to target those love handles and say goodbye to them for good.

1. Knee drops

Working your core muscles is a great way to lose weight fast. Lie flat on the ground with your abs pulled tight to your spine and your back on the floor.  Then lift your legs off the floor and go into a tabletop position. Squeeze a small exercise ball between your legs. This will engage your inner thigh muscles and lower abs the entire time. Slowly drop your knees to the right, keeping your abs pulled in tight and your lower back flat. Try doing 3 sets of 8-10 reps each.  Those love handles will melt away.Knee drops