When that dreaded alarm clock goes off in the wee hours of the morning your first thought is likely ‘Where is my darn coffee?’ But reaching for the caffeine may not be the best way to wake up those sleepy eyes. In fact, there are several other, much healthier, ways to give you an extra bolt of energy first thing in the morning. So before you hit the switch on that coffee maker, consider the tips below that will give you an extra jump in your step on your way to work each morning. Foods That Will Wake You Up Better

1. Apple

An apple a day keeps the sleepies away! An apple is actually one of the best fruits you can eat because it contains fructose, a natural sugar that wakes you up naturally and will keep you energized throughout the morning. It will move slowly through your body, reaching areas that don’t usually wake up immediately. The best thing about an apple for breakfast is that you won’t suffer a crash later, like you may with caffeine. As well, apples are a great source of fibre, which will help your day feel a little more ‘regular.’ Apple