When we think about hitting the weights in the gym a lot of us – especially women – are put off because they associate weights with muscle. And many of us don’t want to look bulky or, as women say, “manly.” So is there a way you can make your body strong with weight lifting and NOT feel like a football player? According to steadystrength.com, there is. It’s all in the way you train. If you want to get stronger but keep your figure the way it is, simply follow these seven steps to a stronger, healthier you!

how to get stronger

1.  Lift Heavy

This is the best way to ensure you gain strength. But you have to find out the right weight for you. To gain the maximal strength you should use weight that’s pretty close to your 1 rep max, or the amount of times you can lift a specific weight until you reach muscular failure. Around 80 percent or 90 percent will be ideal.

Lift Heavy