Ghosting – otherwise known as the cowardly phenomenon where a woman or man goes from being really into you to disappearing completely without an explanation. Years ago, the dating world was much different than it is today. Men and women went out, talked and, if one wasn’t into the other, would actually breakup in person. Today however, technology makes breakups less personal. If a guy isn’t into you for any reason it’s simple for him to just delete you. No excuse necessary. That’s why ghosting is becoming so popular. But it doesn’t make it right. In fact, it’s downright selfish. The only question to ask is why? Why do they do it? Why do they intentionally hurt someone without any explanation? Why can’t they just be honest? Well, our research shows that there are many signs to tell if a man is about to ghost you. If you see any of these signs in your relationship you may want to turn the tables before you are the one getting hurt.

1. Response Delay

If someone is really into you they are likely waiting for your messages to come through and will respond quickly. An abnormally long response time likely means they aren’t that into you and they are thinking about disappearing. response delay