I have no time – that’s an excuse we tell ourselves everyday when we think about working out. And it’s a legitimate excuse. With work, family obligations, school and kids, there literally may be no extra time at all in your day to head to the gym. But does that mean you can’t find a way to stay fit and healthy? I know it’s hard to even think about exercising when you’re running from meeting to meeting but you CAN do it. Below are some of the best ways to sneak a work out into your day when you feel like you have no time at all. How to Work Out When you Literally Have no Time

1. Free Weights

If you’re on a conference call or sitting at your desk, stand up and take a set of five-pound weights and start lifting. If you keep these weights at your desk you can get in a quick muscle building workout whenever your hands find themselves free. It may not be the hour at the gym that you’d like, but it’s better than nothing. Free Weights