Who ever said raising children was easy? Or cheap? In fact, once you have a child your bank account will take a massive dive. Diapers, clothes, car seats, cribs…..you name it. Everything you do will cost you a pretty penny. So the best thing to do before you welcome that beautiful bundle of joy into your life is to budget and be prepared. Below are some tips for you to help keep your cheque book – and your sanity – in tact so you can focus on your newborn instead of worrying about your bank account.

money saving tis on newborns1.  Double Duty Furniture

When you are shopping for baby furniture, try looking for stuff that will do double duty, such as a change table that is also a dresser, or a highchair that can be converted into a booster seat and regular chair later as the baby grows. Also, many cribs can be transformed into toddler beds later on, saving you money in the long term.

double duty furniture