It’s easy to find an excuse to not go to the gym.  You’re tired.  You’re busy.  It’s the holidays, and you’re eating way more calories in junk food than you could ever burn off, anyway (yeah, that one’s mine).  However, if you, like me, have been skipping out on your regular exercise sessions, it doesn’t take long for those delicious Christmas cookies and Netflix binges to have some negative consequences when it comes to your health.  Click “next” to see 7 scary things that happen to your body when you stop working out.


Your Blood Pressure Increases

This happens pretty much instantly, as your blood pressure is already higher on days you don’t exercise than on the days that you do.  After two weeks of skipping gym sessions, your blood vessels adapt to your more sedentary lifestyle, which causes your blood pressure to rise a little further.  Luckily, this all happens in reverse the second you start working up a sweat again.