Think your relationship is doomed? You likely blame your partner, since he or she is obviously the one doing everything wrong – right? Wrong! Chances are you’re the one making the drastic mistakes and you don’t even know it. But it’s not your fault. Many people do the same things in their relationships. We grow up thinking relationships are all about the romance and we crave that storybook ending. But in reality, many of us are prone to giving into unhealthy relationship habits that ensure our relationships fail. Below are some terrible relationship habits from that we all do because we think it’s normal. If you can fix these you may end up getting that fairytale ending you’ve always dreamed of.terrible relationships

1. Scoreboard

Many of us “keep score” in a relationship and don’t even realize we are doing it. You may continuously blame your souse for past mistakes they’ve made in the relationship and then it becomes a battle to see who has messed up the most and, therefore, who owes the other one more. Maybe you were caught flirting with the waitress at the restaurant once and you are reminded of it every day. Or maybe you forgot your significant other’s birthday and he or she won’t let you forget it. But keeping score won’t work. No only do you deflect from the actual issue you are arguing about, but you are bringing up bitterness from the past. If it continues, both partners will spend their time and energy trying to prove that they’re not responsible for the state of the relationship instead of resolving the issue at hand. Instead, experts suggest you deal with issues individually. You need to remember that you are with your partner for a reason and that you need to accept all their previous actions and behaviours.scoreboard