So you’ve been dumped. Again. And it sucks. You’ve been here before. Maybe numerous times. As much as you try and understand it, you just can’t wrap your head around why it keeps happening to you. Do you smell? Do you talk too much? Are you awful in bed? All of these questions likely enter your mind each time you hear the words “It’s not you, it’s me.” Well, we are here to help you understand why relationships just aren’t working out in your favour. Read below to find out some of the top reasons you, and several others, keep getting your butt kicked to the curb.The Most Common Reasons Men Get Dumped

 1. Boredom

Women like to be entertained and treated like a princess. If you start taking her for granted and become boring in your relationship, she may look for excitement elsewhere. If you are always trying new things with your guy friends you should start considering asking your girl to do it with you. Or, better yet, do it with her alone. Take her out. Make her feel important. Make her feel like she is the one you want to experience new things with. Boredom