Let’s face it, one of the easiest places to meet someone is at a bar. Most of the people who go are there for the same reason so it makes talking to a potential partner a little easier and less intimidating. But do you really want to meet your potential spouse in a crowded bar over a vodka and soda? Likely not. So where do you go? Well, you go OUT! Go anywhere besides a bar. Easier said then done you say? Well, not really. In fact, there are several places you can go in your own neighbourhood that you likely never thought would lead you to a chance meeting with your soul mate. Read below to find out some of the best places to go for the one great opportunity to meet your future husband or wife. Places to Meet a Potential Partner

1. Dog Park

If you are a dog lover there is no better place to meet someone with the same admiration for their animal then a dog park. It’s the perfect place to go when you think about it, because you don’t have to do any work. Your dog will do the introductions for you. Dog Park