No one said love comes easy or cheap. Especially when you’re going out on a first date with someone you are trying to impress. For men especially, who are sometimes still expected to pay for first dates, taking someone out can get pretty expensive. In fact, one recent survey of 1,000 people found that 77 percent thought men should pick up the tab. But have no fear. We have you covered with some of the most unique, yet romantic date ideas to impress your special someone and, likely, get yourself lined up for a second date. Top 10 Date Ideas

1. Free Outings

Most first date ideas are comprised of dinner and a movie. But that night won’t be cheap. So why not check out your local paper for some outdoor concerts or museum trips that are free or cost very little? This will give you more of a chance to talk and get to know each other instead of staying quiet during a two-hour movie. Free Outings