Many of us could use a bit more sleep. For some, getting a good night’s rest is more difficult than for others. If this is you, try consuming food which contains nutrients that help you sleep better.


Try these 10 nutrients that help you sleep better…

While sleep is something that all of us need, unfortunately, it is not something that all of us get enough of. Studies have shown that only 1 in 3 Americans receive their recommended 7 or more hours of shuteye per night. For many of us, this is not by choice. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, there are ways to improve the quality of your slumber just by changing your diet. If you count yourself as part of the majority of people who are running on empty during the day, you should be adding these 10 nutrients that help you sleep better at night.



This versatile nutrient is found in some of your favorite fruits. This bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment and phytochemical – found in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables such as papaya and grapefruit – has been found to not only improve sleep, but is also said to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Nutrients That Help You Sleep Better Lycopene


Getting your carb fix four hours before bed can help increase availability of hormones melatonin and serotonin which helps you sleep better. Carbs like whole grains tend to spike blood glucose levels, but once those levels drop back down, this can lead to an absolute crash.